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Inauguration Invitation Arrives Today



Today, I received an invitation to attend all public events connected to the Obama inauguration. Nevermind that there was an ad included, urging me to purchase a variety of collectible items, the invitation, itself, looked pretty impressive. It was roughly the size of “Time” magazine and it was addressed only to me (no spouse included) using both my Chicago address on Indiana Ave. and my East Moline address. (How it got here is a tribute to the efficiency of the U.S. post office, as it was sort of confusing.)
Without further delay, and ignoring the snickers of my Republican husband, I am posting my invitation, which clearly states it is from the Inauguration Planning Commission or some such and would, no doubt, entitle me to sleep in a school gymnasium (if I could find one) and spend lots of money.  I was spoiled by those Press Passes throughout the campaign just past, so I’ll be staying close to home, awaiting the birth of the twins in Chicago.


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  1. Pamela

    Wow ! I am impressed. If I were you I would keep this in a safe place. Someday your kids or grandchildren will find this a very valuable piece of Americana. Whether you go to the inauguration or not is not the point. You opened your home to an Obama worker. You supported this campaign and this piece of paper is proof of your contribution. Way to go.

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