By Boyu Huang, of “WordAlert” blog (

Genre: Mystery/Thriller/Horror

Title: “The Color of Evil”

Author:  Connie (Corcoran) Wilson

     Not everyone wants to be a hero.  But not everyone gets a choice.

     Tad McGreevy had known he was different ever since he was small.  He could see colored auras around people, indicating their true nature.  But it wasn’t until third gtrade that he realized just how dangerous his power could be.  Third grade was when the killer was on the loose.  Third grade was when Tad almost lost himself to his power.  From then on, he decided he would never tell anyone about what he could see ever again.

     Eight years later, Tad has developed into a normal healthy teenager.  His main focus now is to protect those he loves.  But the horror isn’t over, and the evil hasn’t stopped.  When the ones he cares about get involvd what can he do but dive into the colors of evil once again?

     How much do the people around you really hide?  The Color of Evil opens the doors wide to this question and shows you just how many dark secrets a small town can hold.

    This book is both exciting and compelling, filled with young romance and riveting danger.  Some graphic scenes keep this book suitable for those above thirteen only, but add to the sense of foreboding and horror…

    This book is intense with a capital “I”; the first of a trilogy, I sincerely hope it sets an example for the two other books to come.  The Color of Evil is highly recommended by Boyu Huang. (Allbooks Review)