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“The Christmas Cats Fear for the Deer” is 99 Cents on Dec. 2, 3 and 4

The Christmas Cats Fear for the Deer

I checked out the special for my favorite XmasCats.com book and it is 99 cents in e-book this coming weekend, for three days only. I have to admit that this one, in hard cover (which is a limited edition and only available in hard cover by contacting me) is my favorite. I had it done by a small Indiana press and the illustrations and color are superb.

The NEXT book (#5), “The Christmas Cats Care for the Bear” may be the most timely, as it is an anti-bullying tome, but I really love “The Christmas Cats Fear for the Deer,” which is a true story about the deer in Scott County Park and rescuing them, flying them to the North Pole, and making it possible for them to fly with Santa.

The sixth (and final) book will be the final FREE offering in a couple weeks, but this coming Thursday, Friday and Saturday (Dec. 2, 3 and 4) pick up a 99 cent copy of “The Christmas Cats Fear for the Deer.” And the following week, check out “The Christmas Cats Care for the Bear.”

Last FREE book will be “The Christmas Cats Flee the Bee,” and I’ll have more to say about that as that weekend gets closer.

Both “Christmas Cats” Books #2 and #3 on Sale (E-book) Till Christmas Eve

The E-book versions of “The Christmas Cats Chase Christmas Rats” and “The Christmas Cats Encounter Bats” are both on sale on a Kindle Countdown deal from today (12/17) through Christmas Eve for $1 off the normal ($2.99) price. That means that you can purchase Books #2 and #3 for $1.99 apiece, or a grand investment of under $5 in Kindle versions.


Last year’s book, “The Christmas Cats Chase Christmas Rats,” was one of the winners (in its category) as one of the Best Books of the Year by a Chicago author, from the CWA (Chicago Writers’ Association).


Next year’s book, “The Christmas Cats Fear for the Deer,” will reach you in 2015, but purchase a Kindle copy of #2 and #3 today through Christmas Eve and enjoy!


Merry Christmas!

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